DIV Project Manager.
(Compatible with PixTudio, BennuGD and Fénix!)
Developed by Pablo Navarro (@panreyes)

About DivPM

DivPM is a simple tool, written in AutoIT, to automatize building and exporting tasks in PixTudio's, BennuGD's and Fénix's projects.

It currently features:

  • Exporting easily to Windows (ZIP, portable EXE or installer), Linux (ZIP), Android (APK) and OUYA (APK)
  • Compiles FPGs and FNTs from PNGs in fpg-sources and fnt-sources
  • Decompresses or compresses automatically FPGs and FNTs depending on the objective platform
  • Exporting whole projects and importing them just by double-clicking .divpmproject packages
  • Converts Fénix/BennuGD's projects' source code into PixTudio's format
  • Includes wrappers to make compatible code with newer functions in older compilers.

DivPM is licensed under the very permissive zlib license, which means that you're free to use it in both open-source and closed-source projects.

The binary package includes parts of Java JDK (© Sun Microsystems), Android NDK&SDK (© Google) and 7-zip (© Igor Pavlov).

If you don't know what PixTudio/BennuGD/Fénix is, start here.


You'll probably want DIV Project Manager for Windows (x86).

In order to compile DivPM from the source code you will need AutoIT.

Example Projects

Those are open-source example projects in .divpmproject format, meant to be opened by DivPM (just doubleclick them after installing DivPM).

More to be released soon...

Also, feel free to send yours!


This tool comes with no support at all.
Try asking in DivHub's DISCORD.